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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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In Brief

Ahmad Zakirumaruddin is the associate Trainer, Motivator & Coach for SCA. He is also the Sr. Lecturer at TAFE College Seremban. Solely involved in the development of modules, syllabus and lesson plan for SKM Automotive Executives, Supervisory Skills and preparing the initial groundwork for short courses such asInvestment Market Analysis and Retailing.
He is one of the pioneers in setting up the company that deals with information and services of investment market analysis.
Graduated from the International Islamic University with a Bachelor (Hons.) Business Administration. He is a part time facilitator for CARE Consultant Sdn. Bhd, a team building consultant. Involved in providing feedback and suggestion on the training program.
He is one of the panel for Development of NSC Core Abilities Level 2 to Level 4 Written Instructional Material to be used at National Level. Published in CD form and distributed throughout all Accredited SKM centers.

Zakirumaruddin is widely experienced to monitor and solve Human Resources related problems, monitoring and controlling the department budget & expenses. Once took care of 5 0f 10 regions manpower planning which comprise approximately 2500 staff involving 250 branches throughout Malaysia. Besides, he also involved and monitored on the status of Non Performing Loans and pursue with necessary legal action for bankruptcy cases. One of the areas that he loves most is to Coach & Counsel people.